First Time Forgetting

We make our way to the ruins to look for the jade katana, and apparently some trade agreements for a slimy proto-capitalist. As we make our way up a steep rocky incline to the ancient entrance to what are now ruins a recently deceased humanoid springs down to the path. It's a ghoul!

As can only be expected when undead are encountered, combat ensues. Chow, our fighter, draws back his weapon to deliver a mighty blow to the monster. Kyras the conjurer sees this and curses. 'Damn. I keep forgetting to use power attack with my eidolon', he says, apparently using a different meaning of 'keep' than is in common use, this being the first round of the first encounter he's been in.

Still, when Chow strikes for an unlucky minimum damage and still drops the ghoul, power attack certainly appears to be a feat worth remembering about.

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