There Could be Hundreds Lying Around

Tim and Tallis, survivors of the ambush, are joined by Pathfinder society recruits Jack, Kyras, and Chow, and continue with their duties towards the society. Amara Li tasks us with retrieving a ceremonial jade katana from some dangerous and ancient ruins.

'What is a katana?', I ask, not having heard of such an exotic-sounding item before. Not only am I told that it is a kind of sword but I am shown a working steel example.

'And how will we recognise it?', asks Kyras.

'How will we recognise a ceremonial weapon just like this one we've just been shown, but made of distinctive ornamental stone? Oh, I dunno. I tell you what, if we find a dozen jade katanas we'll bring them all back and let Amara pick out hers.'

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