Forging Ahead

It seems we could make use of Mad Cal, imprisoned back at the base camp, after all. New companions want to head in to a swamp, and Cal is the only man known to have made it both in and out of there alive.

Either we can convince the commander to let him come with us, a plan which is unlikely to succeed, or break him out, which is kind of illegal. We naturally lean towards the illegal option.

Nerrick wonders about the powers of our druid. 'Earnest, why don't you turn in to a mouse, go through the bars, turn Cal in to a mouse, and both come out?'

'There are a few things wrong with that plan, Nerrick.'

'Name one.'

'I can't turn someone else in to a mouse.'

'Name a second.'

'I can't turn in to something as small as a mouse anyway.'

'...a third?'

'I can't turn someone else in to a mouse. Now I know that's technically the first again, but I thought it was important enough to mention twice.'

We stick with the illegal option, though. The agreed plan is for me to create a forged document requesting a prisoner transfer from cell block 1138, and having other members of the party standing handily nearby when the commander needs to find some rubes to make the transfer.

I make the forgery, and outside of the fort disguise myself as a courier. I bring the forged letter to the gates of the fort and convince the guard to take it to the commander. The commander reads the letter and comes out of his office, beckoning Chi Ling and Nerrick over, who just happen to be nearby.

'Are you feigning surprise? It's very convincing.'

'No, this is genuine surprise that our forgery fooled him and the plan is working.'

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