Best. Pull. Ever.

A little while back I had been tasked to bring the head of Nagaz to an official in Southshore, so that the death of this leader would quell the threat his group posed. With a little help from Azrail we headed up the shore of Alterac and, after fighting through some assassins standing guard, we found his hideout, spying Nagaz inside with some of his men. I targeted Nagaz with a spell and he noticed me and ran out, with all his guards in tow, including a couple more assassins I hadn't seen. Even though we killed Nagaz and I grabbed his head, I was killed in the process and needed to find my body to reunite the spirit and flesh before I could complete the quest. Azrail managed to sneak away before the bloody end, so he was okay.

A week or so later it seemed that the threat of Nagaz was still around, and that he had been resurrected by some high-level member of his unit as Azrail was tasked with killing him and getting his head. He asked me for some help, as well as from Morwen, what with the difficulty we had last time. Again, we headed up the coast to avoid most of his guards, and found his hideout. He was in the same place.

Preparing for the rush of guards, I targeted Nagaz again with an amplified Curse of Agony. This time, though, he ran out of the hideout without any of his men following. This gave us a 3-on-1 advantage and we beat him easily. Quite why he ran past everyone else in the hideout without asking for their help I don't know. Maybe he recognised me and thought I'd be a walkover, not noticing the two stealthed rogues standing next to me. Still, it was a damn good pull to get him out alone.

We then went in the hideout and killed his guards for failing to protect him.

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