Jaw Bore

The devil attacks! The imp has been disarmed of the box by Ghaz, also gaining our inquisitor the ire of the devil. Omar the fighter decides to stop pussyfooting around and tries to slay the devil with a big hit or two. 'I'm just going to swing as hard as I can at Ghaz's face', he says, with the tiny imp having to get close to his opponent to attack.

'Not to nit-pick, but the devil is attacking Ghaz's leg.'

'Yeah, I know.'

'But you can see his confusion', says Taliss, 'Ghaz does have a face like a devil's arse'.

Nibblit joins in with the attack. 'I shall cast a beam of elemental fire at the devil!'

'...at the devil?'

Ghaz isn't being attacked without fighting back either. He brings his half-orcness to bear and bites at the imp.

'Are your teeth good-aligned?'

'No, they're gold.'

'That was silly. Why didn't you make them silver?'

'One pair silver, one pair cold iron, and another pair adamantine...'

'...and some sharpened, some blunt...'

'Seriously, you need a better dentist.'

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