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Brave Sir Wendel

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

The party heads towards a mausoleum, and notices some figures hanging around the entrance. Keeping out of sight, a closer inspection reveals these characters to be skeletal and wearing armour and wielding weapons. The priest uses her knowledge of undead creatures and deduces that they are probably Skeletal Warriors, and describes a few of their […]

Maths is not a Warlock Class Skill

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

'How far away are we?' 'A couple of hundred feet or so.' 'Is that more than 150?'

Who Uses Strength Anyway?

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

The adventuring party heads back to face evil necromancer Morbent Fel, and finds the dead risen from their graves and pulled from their tombs, battling them through graveyards and crypts. One of these undead monsters vanishes from before the eyes of the adventurers, and the priest remembers from this brief glimpse and its general appearance […]

You May Feel a Bit of a Prick

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

On debating what to do with a creature that attacked our brave adventurers in the Rotting Orchard that is apparently regenerating, it was suggested that they 'cut its head off'. 'What's that going to do?' 'Well, it won't hurt to try,' says the gnome. This was followed by a suggestion to cut the gnome's head […]

World of Windowcraft

Monday, October 30th, 2006

We join our intrepid adventurers, Azok the tauren warrior, Han-shom?ɬ©r the high-elf rogue and Churahl the furbolg shaman as they attempt to infiltrate the notorious Defias hideout known as the Deadmines. Having successfully traversed a sheer drop by rappelling down with ropes, the three adventurers have alighted on to the rooftop of a two storey […]

At Least it Worked for One Round

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

It was the perfect plan: the attractive mage would run in to the cavern catching the attention of the enemy miners, claiming that she was being chased. On getting their attention, and pointing at her comrades 'chasing' her, she would set off an area-of-effect spell, centred on her, to throw as many of them off-guard […]

Kilgore's Tip of the Day #1

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

When preparing to attack some miners by surprise, use a heavy pick, regardless of your proficiencies. That way, if you charge in and critically miss your opponent, instead hitting the rock face about three feet away, you can pretend that you are mining with enthusiasm. The illusion is somewhat lessened when this is done with […]

Unincorporeal Sound

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

'Okay, so we need to distract those miners. I have the Ghost Sound spell. I could make an illusory sound sort of there-ish to draw their attention.' 'Uh, Xanthia, that's only about five feet away from where we are. We could just say, "Hey, miners! Look at us over here!" and save a you spell […]

Death From Above

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

It's a common problem: how do you sneak up on a guard? It gets more difficult when he has his back up against a cliff, so you can't approach him from behind. The smarter people will realise the answer lies in the third, vertical, dimension. Well, I call it 'smarter', because the plan involved jumping […]

Friend or Foe?

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

The problem with having a goblin in the party when fighting a bunch of goblins is that your priest may mistake ally for foe when deciding where to direct an aggressive action. Sure, the DM may not have fully helped by saying something like, 'Hey, another goblin has managed to get behind you, if you […]